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Vaccine Production Line

Our Greenfield/Brownfield Project Services

Master Planning

  • A Master Plan also called a comprehensive plan, provides a long- term vision for the built environment of Pharmaceutical Factories and Laboratories. It guides the appropriate use of lands in order to plan and envisage future growth potential. As a result, the Master Plan has a direct relationship with the growth of the organization.

Project  Management

Project management in our field of operations consists of the application of knowledge, abilities, tools and techniques which enables us to complete project activities in order to satisfy customer requirements and thus accomplish the final goal with efficacy and efficiency.

Concept Engineering

  • Concept Engineering will be a crucial document to decide the project plan and will be a base document for Detailed Engineering. This involves the initial conceptualization of the entire project which helps in forming the foundation on which the rest of the project is built up.

Regulatory Compliance Support


cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) Compliance

Advisory services to queries pertaining to Pharma GMP, GLP, QA and Regulatory Affairs

Compliance audits as per current and updated statutory pharma regulations

Gap Analysis

Technical Due diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions


Site Master Ule as per PIC/s & Local FDA requirement

Quantitative Risk and Assessment (QRA)

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

Safety Audits Energy Audits

Detailed Engineering

  • Process Engineering including selection of the right equipment

  • Electrical Engineering

  • HVAC

  • Instrumentation

  • Building Management and Automation Systems

  • Preparation of Detailed SpeciUcations, Data Sheets and Bill of Quantities for various Plants, Equipment, Machinery and System

  • Supply of various Plant Equipment, Machinery and Systems

Technology Transfer

  • Our team of multi-functional life science consultants have proven success in managing product and process transfers for our clients.

  • Our team will demonstrate how to transfer your product or process in the most eFcient manner possible, ensuring compliance along the entire way.


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