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Cleaning & Safety Products

Protect your staff, yourself and your space with our choice of trusted equipment and apparel which is designed to help reduce exposure to workplace hazards and injuries.From our range of apparel for critical environments to contamination control and single use systems, it helps increase yield, reduce contamination risk, improve resource efficiency and lower labour and energy costs.

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Cleanroom Face Masks

Flat face and duck-billed masks, sterile or non-sterile...

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Cleanroom Paper

Cleanroom-compatible paper, notebooks and other writing materials.

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Sterile cleanroom garments and non-sterile single use labcoats and coveralls...

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For easy cleaning in controlled environments.

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Sterile, dry and pre-wetted wipes.

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Face Masks

Particle filtering masks.

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Cleanroom Gloves

Gloves and fingercots to protect both operators and sensitive products from contamination.

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Cleanroom Tapes

Adhesive cleanroom tapes are suitable for colour marking and sealing.

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Autoclavable or sterile goggles for cleanroom use...

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Swabs in all shapes, sizes and materials.�

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Lab Coats

Ladies or mens cotton/polycotton coats.

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Disposable filtering half masks

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